Head support no. 2

Wider head support with deep sides. Well suited for users that need lateral support.

  • This is a configurable product. Contact your local dealer for finding the head support that fits your child's needs.


One size
Etac item number 31xx = 06
R82 item number xx = 06
Measurements (drawing) A:100 x B:150 x C:70 mm


Choose the PU colour 99xxXxx-xx

Grey PU X=1

Choose from the different systems of stainless head support bars 99xxxxx-XX

Swan neck bar system, horizontal. Stainless steel

Short 10 cm XX=5X, Long 20 cm XX=6X

Swan neck bar system, vertical. Stainless steel

19 cm XX=X5, 34 cm XX=X7

Stainless bar system, straight

23 cm XX=48, 37 cm XX=47

Stainless Turtle bar system

11,5 cm XX=45, 25 cm XX=46