Etac Swift Freestanding

Flexible, sturdy and easy to handle

Swift Freestanding is the perfect choice when you want a raised toilet seat easily and quickly. By simply setting it to the preferred height and placing it over the toilet, you have a seat height adapted to your needs and sturdy armrests that facilitate standing up and sitting down. When complemented with a pan, it can just as easily be used in the bedroom as a stand-alone toilet chair. Swift can also serve as a shower stool as it is designed to sustain wet environments.

Stable yet light in weight
The stool is extremely stable thanks to its large footprint and non-slip ferrules that provide an excellent grip on wet or uneven surfaces. With a maximum user weight of 160 kg it accommodates larger users well, while its light weight makes it easy to move. The seat is height-adjustable from 42-57 cm, and can be set with a slight anterior tilt which further facilitates standing up and relieves pressure on the hip joints.

Functions that can evolve over time
Apart from being complemented with a pan, Swift can also be fitted with a back support and soft pads for extra comfort and support. This way it can gradually change over time, along with the needs of the user. It is easily assembled without any tools, has an integrated splash guard, smooth surfaces and is non-corroding.


Etac Swift Freestanding

A good fit over various toilets

Swift can easily be adjusted to the preferred height and placed over both wall- and floor-mounted toilets. The sturdy armrests provide great support when standing up or sitting down.
Etac Swift Freestanding

Dependably stable

The chair has a large footprint which makes it extremely stable. The legs’ responsive, non-slip ferrules adapt to the floor and provide an excellent grip on wet or uneven surfaces.
Etac Swift Freestanding

Easy to assemble

Assembly is easy without the need for any tools. The self-locking button clicks into place and the oval shape prevents the legs from turning when making the adjustment.
Etac Swift Freestanding

Easy handling

Swift comes flat-packed in a smart carry case. Since the chair is easy to assemble/disassemble, the box can be saved and used for further transports if the chair is used in several venues.


Item number
Maximum user weight (kg)
Opening: depth x width (mm)
Seat height (mm)
Seat width (mm)
Weight (kg)
Width (mm)
Width between arm supports (mm)
Swift Freestanding toilet seat raiser 81702020 Seat and arm supports: polypropylene. Legs: Aluminum and polyamide. Ferrules: TPE 160 300 x 215 420-570 540 4,1 560 450