Floor frame

A new accessory for x:panda shape

22 April 2024

Introducing the new floor frame for x:panda shape.

Floor frame is an indoor frame developed to support early intervention through the option of supported floor sitting. Sitting at floor level can support playful activities with family, siblings and friends and facilitate meaningful tasks with arms and hands such as reaching and grasping for toys. Floor frame is an accessory and compatible with x:panda shape infant and size 1.

The x:panda shape, including infant seating, provides secure and supported seating for infants and small children. The x:panda shape infant seating is the child’s first seat and it presents the opportunity for early intervention and facilitation of the child's participation and social interaction with parents, carers, and the environment.  

When integrated with Floor frame, x:panda shape and the infant seating not only provides an opportunity for secure, supported floor sitting, but is also the optimal foundation for fun activities and enjoyable moments with friends and family. 

When using Floor frame with the long legs, the combination of frame and seat also provides good seating posture and optimal alignment og body, neck and head when seated at the dinner table. Supported seating, positioning and good alignment is very important for activities such as eating, feeding and drinking. 

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Floor frame

Floor frame is a frame supporting early intervention through the option of supported floor sitting.

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R82 x:panda shape

The x:panda shape is highly configurable and provides tailored support to fit the individual needs.

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