Etac Clean with front-opened seat

Expanding our range of award-winning mobile shower commodes

30 May 2022

We are pleased to introduce a new member of the Clean family – a model with the seat opening in the front. With this launch, we are convinced we can reach new users around the world - and help even more people to manage personal care on their own terms.

The existing Clean series already has numerous models to choose from, however all of these have rear-opened seats. The new model can be suitable for users who are able to reach more independently from the front, depending on their range of motion or personal preference. It can also fit specific routines of some caregivers better. The front opening can be especially beneficial in markets where hand showers are preferred over wiping.

The launch also includes two new accessories - a soft seat designed for the front opening, and a seat cover that is compatible with all Clean models. Through these new additions, we have created even further possibilities with Etac Clean - a best-selling range of mobile shower commodes since over 20 years.



Clean shower commode

Flexibility - without complexity

Clean's user-friendly features and excellent hygienics, have made it popular in care facilities as well as home envrionments around the world.

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Soft Comfort Seat

A soft seat for extra comfort

Developed with softness and rounded shapes for optimal comfort. Shaped after the opening to enable good access for personal care. 

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Seat Cover

A comfortable seat cover 

Can be used when a full seat area is preferred. The cover is equally compatible with rear-opened Clean models.

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