Crocodile attendant’s handle(2)(2)

Crocodile attendant’s handle

Allows the caregiver to direct and assist the child's movements

20 July 2022

The newly launched size 0 Crocodile also incorporated the update of the attendant's handle. The insignificant “-1” suffix to 86866-1 implies a new and more cooperative version of the attendant’s handle.

The click-on/click-off option that has now made it quick-release will no doubt make a difference for many.

It can easily be

  • Clicked in/clicked off
  • Set in front of or behind the child
  • Angled by the Italian handled in the toothed discs
  • Adjusted in height


Attendant's handle for Crocodile

Article number




Suitable for

Crocodile sizes 0, 1 and 2


Already launched


R82 Crocodile

The Crocodile is a walking aid for children and youngsters with disabilities, who need supplementary assistance with their daily walking. 

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