Swing-away arm rest for R82 Wombat Living and R82 Wombat Solo

New arm rests providing additional functionality and user independence

2 July 2019

New arm rests are now available for the Wombat Living and Wombat Solo activity chair providing additional functionality and user independence.

By pulling a knob the arm rest can be swung away which makes transfer in and out of the chair easier.
This also makes it possible to position the chair right up against a desk or table.
Both the individually chosen height setting and angling of the arm rest are maintained and restored when the arm rests are swung back into position.

A kit is also available to make it possible to retrofit the swing-away joint on existing arm rests.

R82 swing-away.jpg


R82 Wombat Solo

Wombat Solo is an elegant simple activity chair suitable for both young children and teenagers. It has built-in growth making it a chair for life.

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R82 Wombat Living

The Wombat Living is a cool activity chair for all children, from toddlers to teenagers. The fresh look with modern colours makes it suitable for use in any indoor environment

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