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Immedia 2Move - New version!

A foldable transfer board for horizontal transfer

1 November 2017

The transfer board Immedia 2Move is used to bridge the gap between two horizontal surfaces and alters the height difference if needed. The transfer board is used for horizontal transfer between beds, bed to shower trolley, bed to X-ray table, stretcher to bed, etc.

Instruction videos

See how to use Immedia 2Move in our instruction videos available on YouTube.

Easy to store

2Move is easy to transport and store due to it's low weight of only 1,5 kg and since it is foldable. The handles facilitate carrying and make it easy to hang up the transfer board. 2Move is always used in combination with a low friction cover (accessory) which slides around the board, minimising friction and facilitatating the transfer. Immedia 2Move is available in 4 options: Large foldable, Small, X-Large foldable and Large non-foldable.

Immedia 2Move is available in many options and has useful accessories.


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