A focus on business ethics and good governance is important. Showing openness and transparency is essential to prevent or manage conflict of interest between Etac and our stakeholders.

Etac conducts all activities in accordance with the highest standards of corporate best practice. We are in full compliance with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, including standards on ethical business and anti-corruption.

Code of Conduct and Supplier evaluations

To ensure that Etac Group’s products are produced in an acceptable way and to mitigate the risk of violations to human rights in our supply chain, audits are performed on site for suppliers in risk countries.

All our suppliers in risk countries sign our Code of Conduct as part of our supplier contract. We also carry out a self-declaration, which potential new suppliers must conduct before entering agreement negotiations. Additionally, we carry out a physical evaluation on each critical supplier in risk countries every second year.

Until 2018, we have primarily focused on evaluating first tier suppliers based on the Etac Code of Conduct. We have consequently chosen to take it one step further in the future. During the autumn of 2018 we began to evaluate second tier suppliers.

Anticorruption and Whistleblowing

Etac is a global company with strong ethical values, that emphasises the importance of doing business that generates long-term value and trust. We have therefore decided to further develop our ethical standpoint by addressing protocol for anti-corruption and bribery with an addition of diversity, inclusion and discrimination. The protocol will apply for all individuals performing work for Etac.

For several years, Etac has had a whistleblower reporting process, which is managed internally. This is important for us, allowing Etac employees and stakeholders to easily and anonymously report misconduct.