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The support section provide extensive technical and instructional product documents and videos as well as all related accessories to our main products. A product with a Support section has also its own product page showing features, options, variants, accessories, etc. Use the filter options to find your product.

The support section can also filter out discontinued products.

Additional information
Further information about product warranty, product concerns, general support documents can also be found in the Support pages. 

If you know the name of the product or the item/part number, then it's easy to use the Search function at the top of the Support section. Or use the filters just below to find the product you are looking for.

Use the product navigation filters above and select "Discontinued" in the "Product status" filter.

You can find a direct link below under "Additional information" that shows all discontinued products.

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Headquartered in Sweden, Etac is a multinational company with product development in Scandinavia and the US, and sales in more than 50 countries through own entities and distributors.

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