Add-On Foot box

The foot box allows movement of the feet, while keeping them safe and comfortable.

The Soft padded foot box accessory is lightweight and easy to attach to the Etac Cross and Prio. It securely contains the feet, while still allowing some movement of the feet if desired.

The foot box provides padding to decrease pressure when the feet are vulnerable. It is a gentle aid to help position the feet more comfortably on the existing foot supports. It attaches easily to the Etac wheelchairs, while securely containing the feet, keeping them safe and comfortable.

It allows the space for the feet to still achieve small movements to avoid agitation while ensuring that the padding gives protection to the feet and ankles when needed.

The foot box is available in two sizes - Medium and Large. 1 complete foot box consists of:

  • Right and left extended foot support assembled.
  • Side plates right and left.
  • Padding.


Drilling is required, and it is ordered as an accessory i.e not available in the configuration.

The foot box is a part of Etac Add-On foot support system with Extended foot supports, Foot box and Distal thigh support.


Item number
Compatible with
28642 - Add-On Foot box. Medium 28642 Prio seat width 40-45 cm, Cross seat width 40-47.5 cm
28643 Add-On Foot box, Large 28643 Prio seat width 50-55 cm, Cross seat width 50-52.5 cm


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