Sustainable products. For circular business.
A pioneering remanufacturing concept that gives a new lease of life to products that would otherwise be disposed of. We call it re:vive.

Etac Cross - re:vived with a new lease of life

When a Cross wheelchair reaches end of life, it is returned to Etac’s factory in Sweden for re-manufacturing. When leaving the factory, it has a new serial number, the same life expectancy and warranty as a brand-new wheelchair. – re:vived, with a new lease of life.

Join re:vive

Re:vive is a commitment to close the loop. And secure a sustainable business model.

Let us co-create the future.

Can one wheelchair make a complete fleet?

The answer is yes. The answer is Cross. Cross is designed with Ability Based SeatingTM in mind, to embrace abilities and cover all your needs, whether for temporary or more complex seating. All you need to know is the users hip width* and Cross can be adjusted for the intended user and can always be readjusted for better sitting and changing needs. Cross is durable and adjustable for the first user and the users after.

Instead of having multiple models of wheelchairs in stock, covering different needs, you can have one. With Cross long life span and effective maintenance, you can build your fleet to last. Cross is the right wheelchair right now. And tomorrow too.

*Standard frame length can cover users' needs from body lengths from 140 – male 194 cm and female 185 cm.

Discover the possibilities with Cross

Will a Cross fleet cost you less?

Let´s compare the total cost of ownership:

  • The purchase cost per year
  • Replacement cases and adaptations
  • Non-activated wheelchairs on stock
  • Call-outs and unscheduled repairs.
  • Refurbishment and resetting to next user.

Now, let’s discuss a circular business concept.

Etac Cross is the first circular wheelchair

Invest in the right wheelchair today and secure the right fleet tomorrow. Longevity and remanufacturing are sustainable.

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