Etac Light cutlery with thin handles

Light cutlery with thin and long handles that facilitate eating with less lifting of the hand

Light cutlery compensates for reduced hand function and provides a comfortable grip between the fingers. This allows for a functional grip when strength and mobility are so restricted that lifting the hand requires turning the palm of the hand upwards. With the long handles the cutlery doesn’t need to be lifted as high as with a short handle.

This product is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.


Etac Light cutlery

Light cutlery facilitate eating when mobility in hands and arms are restricted. There are various models available and of course they are ­all lightweight.

In common for all Light cutlery is a functional design of the handle and a shape that makes the grip stable and comfortable.

Each cutlery has its own unique shape and design according to its specific usage and to compensate for reduced hand function.


Etac Light cutlery with thin handles

Light cutlery

A functional grip when the muscle strength is very restricted.


Design Ergonomidesign Material Utensil parts: Stainless steel. Handle: ABS plastic
Item number
Length (mm)
Weight (g)
Fork, thin handle 80401003 210 24
Spoon, thin handle 80401005 210 34
Knife, thin handle 80401001 220 21
Dessert spoon, thin handle 80401007 200 26


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