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Immedia 2Move - discontinued

Transfer board for horizontal transfer

Immedia 2Move transfer board is used to bridge the gap and even out the height difference between two horizontal surfaces. It is used for horizontal transfer between beds, bed to shower trolley, bed to x-ray table, stretcher to bed, etc. It is simple to transport and store.

Available in two lengths and widths

2Move transfer board is available in two lengths; short and long. The long model is available in three options; narrow foldable, narrow non-foldable and wide foldable.

The wide foldable board is suitable when the gap between the transfer positions is larger.

Low friction cover

Immedia 2Move is always used in combination with a low friction cover which slides around the board, minimising friction and facilitating the transfer. Two cover options are available.

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Intended use

Intended use

The intended use is transfer between bed, stretcher and shower trolleys. Immedia 2Move bridges the gap when transferring between two  supine positions. It can also be used for transfer between table, operating table and x-ray.



Place the Immedia 2Move under half the patient’s body. Place the head and feet of the patient on the Immedia 2Move.



Now place the stretcher as close as possible to the bed. One caregiver tilts and pushes the patient towards the Immedia 2Move. A second caregiver pulls the patient towards the stretcher.



When the transfer is complete, remove the 2Move board.

Immedia 2Move - discontinued     Item no.
- Small Width x Length 50 x 90 cm IM8050090
- Large foldable Width x Length 50 x 180 cm IM8050180
- Large non-foldable Width x Length 50 x 180 cm IM8150180
- Large Foldable Width x Length 500 x 1900 mm IM8050190
- X-Large foldable Width x Length 70 x 180 cm IM8070180
- Large Std set Includes IM8050180 + IM4044 IM4307
- Small Std set Includes IM8050090 + IM4045 IM4308
- Small Width x Length 500 x 950 mm IM8050095
- Large Non foldable Width x Length 500 x 1900 mm IM8150190
- X-Large Width x Length 700 x 1900 mm IM8070190
- Large Std set Includes IM8050190 + IM4048 IM4318
- Small Std set Includes IM8050095 + IM4047 IM4319
- Large Non Foldable set Includes IM8150190 + IM4048 IM4320
- X-Large set Includes IM8070190 + IM4049 IM4321

Maximum user weight

150 kg


Top: Nylon
Inside: Plywood
Handles: Polyester

Washing instructions

Washing instructions

Can be wiped with disinfectant. Do not use fabric softener or bleach.

Nylon Cover

Description Item no.
50x90 cm (19.7 x 35.4") IM4043
50x180 cm IM4042

Nylon Cover, waterproof

Description Item no.
50x90 cm (19.7 x 35.4") IM4045
50x180 cm (19.7 x 70.9") IM4044
70x180 cm (27.6 x 70.9") IM4046

Disposable Cover


Description Item no.
150 pcs, 600 x 1000 mm IM4031
Small 600 x 1000 mm IM4035
Large 600 x 2100 mm IM4034
X-Large 800 x 2100 mm IM4036

Immedia TransferMattress

Soft padded mattress for horizontal transfer

Description Item no.
Narrow IM60/195

Immedia 2 Move Wall Display - Discontinued

The wall display assures the accessibility and it has a dispenser for the disposable cover roll.

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