Immedia MultiGlide

Nylon slide sheet with high-low friction

MultiGlide is a thin slide sheet with ultra-low friction on the inside and high friction on the outside. The outside surface also provides a waterproof barrier. MultiGlide is suitable when there is a need to minimize friction under the pressure points, for instance, when transferring and turning in bed, between bed and wheelchair, on the operating table or x-ray table.

MultiGlide is to be applied when necessary and removed after use. MultiGlide is available in several sizes. MultiGlide has a loop strap for easy storage.


Immedia MultiGlide

Thin tubular slide sheet

Immedia MultiGlide is a thin tubular slide sheet with ultra low friction on the inside and high friction on the outside.


Material Nylon with silicone and polyurethane coating Maximum user weight (kg) 300
Item number
Length (mm)
Width (mm)
MultiGlide vertical XXS IM100 700 1000
MultiGlide vertical XS IM103/1 1350 1000
MultiGlide vertical S IM102 2000 1000
MultiGlide vertical M IM108 800 1080
MultiGlide vertical L IM120 700 1200
MultiGlide vertical XXL IM130 800 1300
MultiGlide vertical XXXL IM168 800 1600
MultiGlide vertical XXXXL IM200 700 2000
MultiGlide lateral XXS IM40 400 400
MultiGlide lateral XS IM62 250 600
MultiGlide lateral S IM66 600 600
MultiGlide lateral M IM77 700 720
MultiGlide lateral L IM88 800 800
MultiGlide lateral XL IM80 1000 720
MultiGlide lateral XXL IM83 1300 720
MultiGlide lateral XXXL IM82 2000 700
MultiGlide open IM100/140 1400 1000


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