Immedia 2 Move-product OLD

Support for Immedia 2Move Discontinued

Transfer board for horizontal transfer

Immedia 2Move transfer board is used to bridge the gap and even out the height difference between two horizontal surfaces. It is used for horizontal transfer between beds, bed to shower trolley, bed to x-ray table, stretcher to bed, etc. It is simple to transport and store.

Available in two lengths and widths

2Move transfer board is available in two lengths; short and long. The long model is available in three options; narrow foldable, narrow non-foldable and wide foldable.

The wide foldable board is suitable when the gap between the transfer positions is larger.

Low friction cover

Immedia 2Move is always used in combination with a low friction cover which slides around the board, minimising friction and facilitating the transfer. Two cover options are available.