SitAssist Pro

Air-assisted seated or supine positioning device

The SitAssist Pro is a medical device for diagnostic procedures. It is designed to improve patient care and assist caregivers. The device is made of radiolucent material that is safe for imaging and MRI scans. It remains under the patient and ensures that imaging is carried out without interruption while maintaining the quality of care.

Elevating patient comfort and mobility in diagnostic settings
This gentle inflatable device helps patients sit up or lie down, improving their mobility and efficiency during diagnostic procedures. The SitAssist Pro has an efficient deflation valve that facilitates quick deflation in emergencies, allowing for rapid chest compressions. It is inflated with the HT-Air Supply (purchased separately) and offers adjustable airflow for gradual inflation, ensuring patients' comfort, especially those who are sensitive, anxious, or experiencing pain.

Optimal in healthcare settings
The SitAssist Pro is optimal for hospitals, long-term care facilities, and diagnostic centres. It suits various X-ray applications, including MRI, CT, fluoroscopy, ultrasound, and oncology. The versatile device enhances the care experience for caregivers and patients, providing seamless imaging compatibility, ease of use, and patient comfort.


Slim design

Slim design

The SitAssist Pro's slim design allows for seamless integration into diagnostic imaging and equipment environments.
Securing apron

Securing apron

The securing apron is used to stabilise the medical device beneath the patient, providing improved stability and safety.
Two-stage inflation system

Securing inflation speed & deflation valve

The adjustable airflow ensures gradual inflation for patients' comfort, and the emergency valve facilitates quick deflation if needed.
Radiolucency and MRI-compatibility

Radiolucency and MRI-compatibility

The product is compatible with MRI scans and does not interfere with diagnostic imaging due to its radiolucency.


Item number
Length (mm)
Maximum user weight (kg)
Width (mm)
SitAssist Pro SAP-200 1360 (with Apron) Nylon (Latex free) 272 1210

Between patient uses the SitAssist Pro should be wiped down with a cleaning solution used by your hospital for medical equipment disinfection. A 10:1 bleach solution (10 parts water: one part bleach) or disinfectant wipes can also be used. Following the cleaning solution manufacturer’s instructions for use is important, including dwell time and saturation. NOTE: Cleaning with a bleach solution may discolour fabric.
Do not launder the SitAssist Pro.


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