R82 Strong Base

The Strong Base is a simple, stable and strong base for large seat units such as the Panda Futura 5 and the x:panda 4 from R82.

Seat units are mounted either directly onto the Strong Base or by means of an interface making it easy to switch between frames.

The Strong Base is equipped with four smooth running castors which makes it easy to move the frame around.

The Strong Base comes in one size and in two versions, with either manual or spindle height adjustment. Max. load on the Strong Base is 120 kg.


Easy to manoeuvre

Easy to manoeuvre

The smooth running castors make it very easy to move the Strong Base around. All four castors are equipped with directional stabilizers and brakes.
Height adjustment

Height adjustment

The Strong Base has either manual or spindle height adjustment. The manual base adjust from 30 to 55 cm in height - the spindle base adjust from 30 to 51 cm in height.
Tilt in space

Tilt in space

The tilt in space function helps obtain varied seating positions. Simply angle the complete unit into the desired position. Tilt in space from -10 to +25°.
Fixed mounting or interface

Fixed mounting or interface

Various seats can be mounted directly onto the Strong Base. Alternatively the seats can be mounted by means of an interface.


Etac item number 3189508-1M 3189508-1S
R82 item number 89508-1M 89508-1S
Footrest to adaptor plate (mm) 160-350 160-350
Length (mm) 700 700
Length with pushbar (mm) 830 830
Mass device (kg) 14 15.5
Max load (kg) 120 120
Maximum rated load (kg) 136 137.5
Overall height (mm) 300-550 300-510
Overall height, push brace (mm) 795-1045 795-1005
Overall length (mm) 830 830
Overall width (mm) 600 600
Seat plane angle (°) (-10) - 25 (-10) - 25
Total mass (kg) 14 15.5


We recommend Panda Futura seat size 5 or x:panda seat size 4 on the Strong Base frame.

Panda 5 seat on a Strong base

x:panda 4 seat on strong base