Standard cushion no.6

The standard cushions are only used for sideways support. They provide the user with good freedom of movement of the arms.

  • This is a configurable product. Contact your local dealer for finding the head support that fits your child's needs.


One size
Etac item number 31X = 6
R82 item number X = 6
Measurements (drawing) H:50,5 x W:110,5 mm


Choose from the different shapes of fittings 83Xxx-xxx.

Fitting Nr. 0 Heron X=0

Fitting no.1 straight Panda Futura 1-4 X=1

Fitting no. 2 straight X=2

Fitting no. 4 straight Wombat Living X=4

Fitting no. 6 curved Wombat Living X=6

Fitting no. 8 Cougar X=8

Fitting no. 9, curved x:panda, Panda Futura 5 X=9 * The stainless fittings (no. 3+5) are only available with stainless bars (no.15+16)

Fitting, stainless no. 10 Kudu X=10

Choose from the different shapes and lengths of bars 83xXX-xxx.

Bar no. 10 straight L:120 mm XX=10

Bar no. 11 straight L:160 mm XX=11

Bar no. 25 curved L:120 mm XX=25

Bar no. 26 curved L:160 mm XX=26

Bar no. 45 curved L: 120 mm XX=45

Bar no. 46 curved L:160 mm XX=46

Bar no. 65 curved L: 120 mm XX=65

Bar no. 66 curved L: 160 mm XX=66

Choose the PU colour 83xxx-xXX.

Black PU XX=60