Meet Dani

At a beautiful September day, we had the pleasure of meeting 4-year old Dani and his lovely family. The meeting took place at Økolariet in Vejle, Denmark which is a science- and experience centre for sustainability, nature, environment, energy, and climate.   


Dani is a smiling, curios and mild boy who loves to be with his family and specially to play with his older brother Elmin. They play with cars, balls, and builds towers out of bricks. Elmin builds the tower and Dani pushes them over which makes both boys smile. Dani also loves ice cream and bathing, so the family often travels to warm countries, where they can experience new places and relax by the pool or go to the beach. 


Inclusion and support

The Wombat Living provides Dani with support at the feet, the lower legs, the pelvis area, and the torso. Dani is hypotonic which affect both the lower and upper extremities and his postural control. Dani tends to slide forward with his pelvis while seated, but this is minimised with a contoured seat and a Y-hip belt. With guidance he can move back into the seat again. The contoured upper back cushions provide support for his upper body when he engages in activities that requires a lot of his fine motor skills or when he starts to get tired.


Dani is very active with his legs when sitting. The hip supports guide his thighs to maintain at the seat while he still has the freedom to move his lower legs and feet as he prefer. The high-low function makes it easy for Dani to participate in activities close to the floor as well as activities at table height. The low-entry point makes it possible for Dani to be active in standing transfers in and out of the chair, for example when he wants to go for a walk in his R82 Mustang.  

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Tilt in space

The seat unit tilts from -10° to 30° to accommodate both relaxed and active sitting postures.
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Built-in growth

Wombat Living offers stepless adjustment for growth. Move the backrest forward or backward and adjust the hip supports to fit any user size. The hip supports can also be angled to support the user’s hips and thighs.
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Height adjustment

Wombat Living aims to mimic as many of the different seat heights as possible to enable the child to use the seating system in a large range of different heights from the floor to table height.