The height adjustment is probably the single most important feature of the High-low:xo. It allows the user to be positioned close to the floor or at table height and thus, be at eye-level with their peers or to join in at the dinner table with their family.

Height adjustment - three possibilities

The High-low:xo offers an adjustable seat height by use of either a gas spring, a powered actuator or hydraulic system. The three different systems provide similar overall clinical benefits for the user and their caregivers. However, small, but important differences in the way they are operated, have a significant impact on the clinical decision made, when choosing between the three options. The difference in the way they are operated, the speed and quality of the movement they provide, the weight they can move, and the maintenance needed  


Gas spring

The gas spring is operated using the pedal on the frame or a lever on the push brace. If you want to be able to control the height adjustment, the pedal operated version comes with a user-friendly lock, which allows the caregiver to lock the gas spring in any given position.

The gas spring height adjustment provide resistance when lowering the High-low:xo. The gas spring conserves the energy until you want the seat to move up again, where the gas is released supporting the movement up. Gas springs is known for providing slow and smooth movements. A single gas spring is excellent for moving medium sized loads up to around 30 kilos. If the High-low:xo frame is used with a larger user, please consider applying extra gas springs, in order to achieve the full benefit of the height adjustment.  The gas spring requires a minimum of maintenance. 



The hydraulic height adjustment is operated using a pedal on the frame. 

The hydraulic system creates a large upward force at a slow speed in steps each time the caregiver pumps the foot pedal using quick movements with relatively low force. The seat is easily lowered again in one smooth movement, when the foot pedal is lifted. 

Hydraulic height adjustment is known to be able to move against heavy resistance/loads, like the powered version and with a minimum need for maintenance, like the gas spring.  



The power actuator for height adjustment is operated using the handset. The handset allows many users to actively participate in the height adjustment.  

Power supported height adjustment is known to be strong and move smoothly regardless of the user weight. Making it perfect to use from a few kilos to the maximum user weight. 

The powered version of the High-low:xo needs to be charged on a regular basis. For an optimum lifetime, the power unit must be charged as often as possible (e.g., Every night). Charging is done easily with a few steps and a light on the charger indicated when the battery is charging (yellow) and when it is fully charged (green).