The new upholstery will be implemented on the existing Etac Prio with dynamic head support. Articles affected by this change: 13420105, 13420106, 13420109, 13420110, 13420113, 13420114, 13420117, 13420118

The new back support upholstery for updated Prio can be used with or without pelvic support, but can only be used with height adjustable pelvic support. For future spare part handling, all customers must use height adjustable pelvic support when replacing back support upholstery. This upholstery suits all Prio backrests. To mount on Prio with fixed backrest, height extension rods are to be added.

For new updated Prio, the backrest cushion has been lowered, avoiding conflict with head support adjustment. The new updated comfort cushion will replace current versions.


Our new back support upholstery for updated Prio. Combine with extension rods (28275) when used as spare parts for Prio with dynamic head support)

The new updated comfort cushion.