Concerning: Etac Prio, Etac Cross

We have released various new accessories and additions to the Etac Manual Wheelchairs Prio and Cross;

  • Foot Support One Piece (Prio)
  • Oxygene Basket (Prio)
  • IV Stand (Prio)
  • Locking Pin (Prio - addition)
  • Back Support Cover (Prio)
  • Arm Support Cover (Prio)
  • Calf Support (Cross/Prio)
  • One Piece Foot Support Cover (Cross/Prio)
  • Divided Foot Support Cover (Cross/Prio)


Foot support One Piece
We are now adding Cross Foot Support One Piece as an accessory for Prio.

Oxygen Basket
New version of oxygen basket for the updated Prio chassis.

IV stand
New version of IV stand for updated chassis that allows low seat heights.

Arm Support Cover
A foam padded cover for extra soft arm support.

Locking pin
New locking pin with quick release. Addition to standard edition:

Locking pin
Locking pin in standard edition.

Back cover
A thinner back cover with seams that improve the compliance of the back.

Larger area of use
The new back cover is easily combined with side cushions, as shown in the picture.

Soft Calf Support
A calf support in soft plush and available in two widths.

Foot Support Cover
Soft Cover for One Piece Foot Support.

Foot Support Cover
A soft and comfortable cover for Divided Foot Support.