A number of small development projects has resulted in an update of the 3A Back Support and new accessories. All with the common theme of creating shape and support for all body shapes.

Cross 3A back. New profile and new cover:

Crossbar and head support

The stabilizing crossbar is standard on Cross 5 XL and an accessory for anyone who wants to stabilize the back support on Cross 5. The brackets slides into the slots in the 3A profile and the bar is then clicked and folded in place, which make the assembly easy. For a more discrete design the depth of the crossbar has been shortened.

With the new solution of the head support, the rotation is secured and mounting is easily made by the brackets that are pushed into the slots in the 3A profile and stay clicked into place. The head support is mounted independently of the push handles.


Cross bar brackets

Head support

Head support bracket

Side supports

Our new adjustable side support gives easy assembly into the side profile. The adjustable side support allows adjustments in height and length, and the pad can be rotated to choose between two different shapes. Comes with four optional arms.

The Prio side support with swing away also fits Cross 5. It has a new rigid design with the same cushion and assembly as the adjustable side support. The armrest can be removed without interfering with the side support.

Side support

Adjustable arms

Swing away side support

Swing away arm

Wedges and cushions

The new wedges comes in three sizes. They can be used one by one or combined, and materials can be cut out for desired fit. The material is polyethylene foam. To every piece of wedge there comes a piece of adhesive velcro, for easy assembly.

Our solution of side cushions is unique as we keep the benefit from the strap back by just adding the supports. The cushion can be reversed to offer two alternative shapes, and it is preferably used in combination with our side stop. The side cushion is equipped with a zipper that makes it easy to open and add wedges, for the perfect desired result.

The side stops comes in three different designs and sizes. They can either be used on their own as a little push on the original cover, or be combined with wedges or side cushions to create a more firm and stabilizing shape. To every piece of side stop there comes a piece of adhesive velcro, for easy fixing to a wedge or side cushion.

Wedges and side cushions in different sizes