Etac Socky facelift

30. Jun. 2015.

We are doing a facelift of the existing product range of Etac Socky stocking aid.

This facelift involves an update of product colors, packaging design and item numbers.  Below you will find examples of changes in product colors and new packaging for Socky short, the corresponding changes are also made on Socky long and Socky for compression stockings. More information will come.


Etac Socky stocking aid facelift


Etac Socky Long stocking aid
Old item no: 80601001
New item no: 80601001-2
Delivery: estimated September

Etac Socky Short stocking aid
Old item no: 80601002
New item no: 80601002-2
Delivery: estimated August 1

Etac Socky Comprssion stocking aid
Old item no: 80601003
New item no: 80601003-2
Delivery: estimated September


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