Etac Clean 2-Pack – New order system

13. Oct. 2016.

Some Clean article numbers include 2 Clean shower chairs, ie 2-pack. Up until now, you have received 20 Clean shower chairs if you have ordered 10 pcs of 80209220. Due to a new system that is based on unit serial numbers this will change. From now on all Clean 2-pack products will be handled as 1 unit in the order system.

This means that if you order 10 pcs 80229220, you will receive 10 Clean shower chairs in 5 two-pack boxes. A unit is “a
chair” not “a package of 2 chairs”. Consequently it will not be possible to order an uneven number of the 2-pack variants.
The smallest possible order quantity will be 2 pcs which equals 2 Clean chairs in a 2-pack box.

(Note that the previous versions of Clean all started with item number 8020 and the new Clean we deliver today, starting
with 8022, hence the difference in the item numbers as an example). Note! This only applies to the new 8022 numbers.


Etac Clean mobile shower commode 2 pack boxes

Etac Clean mobile shower commode 2 pack item numbers


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