Hygiene - Product updates

Clean 75 mm Castor - New Design

27. Jun. 2017.

Clean 75 mm Castor has been redesigned with several advantages.

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Etac Socky short Stocking Aid - New Version

07. Jun. 2017.

To increse the strength of Etac Socky stocking aid, short - we have added a folding mark in the plastic.

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Another version of Etac Clean Shower Commode Chair available in double box

29. May. 2017.

Etac now offers double box of Etac Clean Shower commode chair, 49 cm with 4 lockable castors in white.

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Swift Mobile - now with 24” wheels and maximum weight of 160 kg (353 lbs)

18. Apr. 2017.

Etac Swift Mobile 24'' XL 160 is sturdy enough to handle a weight of 160 kg (353 lbs). To provide sufficient space, the width between the arm support is increased with 6 cm (2½").

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Etac Clean 2-Pack – New order system

13. Oct. 2016.

Some Clean article numbers include 2 Clean shower chairs, ie 2-pack. Up until now, you have received 20 Clean shower chairs if you have ordered 10 pcs of 80209220. Due to a new system that is based on…

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Etac Socky facelift

30. Jun. 2015.

We are doing a facelift of the existing product range of Etac Socky stocking aid.

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