We have seen the end of the International Exhibition Tour of 'Design for Dignity' that has been on display during the last few years. The exhibition demonstrated products that create possibilities for people with restricted mobility, and several of Etac’s products were selected for the exhibition.

The design exhibition is produced by The Swedish Institute (SI). SI selected four Etac products, namely Etac Clean shower commode chair, Etac Aktiv reachers, Etac Contour pen and Etac Feed feeding aids.

The first shows were made in Georgia and Turkey in 2015. Interest for the products increased and the exhibition therefore extended to Russia; Moscow, Kazan, Novgorod, Kaliningrad, Archangel, Pskov and on several occasions in St. Petersburg.

Furthermore, in 2016, the exhibition was held in Lithuania, Brazil under Paralympics, India (Ahmedabad and Mumbai), Macedonia, Belarus, Singapore and in three locations in Latvia. In Rio, in addition to Åsa Regnér (Swedish Minister for Children and the Elderly and Minister for Gender Equality), the Swedish Royal House participated. Key audiences for the exhibition have been decision makers, opinion makers and disability organisations. The goal has been to have all exhibitions without entry and open to the public. In spring 2017 a third copy of the exhibition was presented, allowing for parallel views in Germany, Colombia, Stockholm, Poland and South Korea. This last year has also included an interactive and useful application of big screen display. To this, Etac contributed with movies and pictures of our products on display.   The exhibition tour is now complete, but a show remains in Warsaw and will take place in March / April 2018. 

The Access Ability photo exhibition by photographer Markus Marcetic, showed 14 Swedish people with different disabilities and their stories about living with disability in Sweden. The photo exhibition was shown in each country where Design for Dignity was held.

See a photo collage here

Etac Clean shower commode chair

Etac Aktiv reachers

Etac Contour pen

Etac Feed feeding aids