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We got the MedTech CSR Award

12. Nov. 2015.

Our work with Jimmy Dahlstens Fund is rewarded with the MedTech CSR Award by MedTech Magazine.

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How to use stocking aid Etac Socky – video!

04. Oct. 2015.

Dressing should be easy. To put on your socks should be easy. Just follow some simple steps shown in this instructional video for Etac Socky stocking aid.

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Etac proudly presents Molift EvoSling

02. Oct. 2015.

Our everyday slings offer great comfort and flexibility. Molift EvoSlings are developed in collaboration with caregivers and users to meet the high demands on functionality, comfort and safety. In o…

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Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter

16. Sep. 2015.

Stay up to date with our latest events and news - on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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After service market for Etac and Balder powered wheelchairs

30. Jun. 2015.

Etac has reluctantly decided to discontinue the sale of new Etac and Balder powered wheelchairs in most markets.

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10 million SEK from Jimmy Dahlstens Fund

16. Jun. 2015.

10 million SEK from Jimmy Dahlstens Fund to projects that increase the quality of life for people with limited mobility

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Welcome to the new improved website

15. Apr. 2015.

We see this launch as an evolution of the existing website rather than a re-design...

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New on-line tutorial of Immedia SatinSheet System

11. Feb. 2015.

A complete in-bed system for turning and positioning

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New on-line tutorial of Immedia E-board

17. Dec. 2014.

A thin and flexible transfer board that allows easier application an removal.

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September 2014 - The new Etac Prio comfort wheelchair

17. Sep. 2014.

By changing seat and back angles and adjusting the elevating leg supports, you can vary body position and pressure points, which is important for the seating comfort. But Etac Prio does more than this…

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