Adjust Etac Prio for a Tall Upper Body

With a multi functional wheelchair, the adjustments of seat to back angle and seat tilt influence the postural control.

Back Support: Choose between the Back Support Cushion (1) and the Back Cover (2). These back supports can be adjusted as high as 70 cm (27½"). Be sure to adjust the Dynamic Pelvic Support (3) in height with PSIS. Trunk Supports: If the user has the tendency to lean sideways, Trunk Support (4) can be a solution. Be aware that this may compromise the ability to effectively propel. 

Seat Depth: A person with a tall upper body may also have long legs. Be sure to use the rearmost back support setting, and thereafter fine tune the seat depth with the front adjustment. Arm Supports: Adjust the height to enable the user to support the forearms towards the arm plates (5). A Tray (6) can provide a larger forearm support. The height is adjusted with the arm supports. Leg Supports: If needed, there are foot supports with longer tubes (7) for the height setting.

Tilt and Recline Positions: When tilting and reclining a person with a tall upper body, the weight shift can affect the chair´s stability. If required, use Gas Piston Clips (8) to reduce maximum tilt and recline angles. A user with a tall upper body can have difficulties stabilizing the trunk if the active position is too upright. Secure the active seat tilt with the Comfort Tilt Lock (9) and the seat to back angle with the Back Angle Control (10). Anti-tippers: Always check the adjustment.


1. Back Cushion
With softly built in side support. Available with plush or hygienic cover.

2. Back Cover
With thin foam padding. Can be supplemented with wedges. Only available in plush.

3. Dynamic Pelvic Support
Automatically relieves the tension in the reclined position and re-tightens in the active position. Adjust the height to the level of PSIS.

4. Trunk Supports
Choose between the "swing away" and the "detachable" model. Both are adjustable in height, depth and width. The pad is softly curved with a soft end.

5. Arm Supports
With a soft and wide arm plate. Provides a comfortable support for the forearms. For users who propel, the model with narrow arm plate facilitates to reach the handrims.

6. Tray
To be attached to the arm supports with Velcro straps.

7. Leg Supports, Elevating
There is an option with 7cm (3") longer height adjustment tubes. Adjustment from seat surface: 38-55 cm (15"-21½").

8. Gas Piston Clips
Each clip reduces the angling with approximately 2°. Can be used for both tilt and recline gas pistons. Easy to attach, easy to remove.

8. Comfort Tilt Lock
Stops the tilt position at a preset angle. Choose between: 0°, 4°, 8° or 12° seat tilt. The position can be changed by moving the locking device on the gas piston.

10. Back Angle Control
By adjusting the length of the strap, the active back support setting can be controlled. The back will always stop at the preset angle. Note: The Back Angle Control will be available during 2019.