Adjust Etac Cross 5 for a Tall Upper Body

A tall user may also need a longer seat depth. By angling the seat to back angle posteriorly, and the the back rail forward, the seat depth is extended (1). Add a Seat Extender (2) and make sure the Back Cover is placed to create rear space (3). Choose the High Back Support with seven back straps (3). If the user is leaning heavily towards the back, a Cross Brace (4) is recommended. Firmer side stability can be created by using the Plush Wedges (5). Side Cushions (6), stabilized with Straight Side Stops (7).

1, 3. Back Support
The High Back Support is adjustable up to 51 cm (20") and has seven tension Adjustable Back Straps. Always aim to adjust the height below the shoulder blades. Choose the high back only when it needs to be adjusted higher than the standard back support. With the high back set to 38-44 cm (15-17"), the lower part of the top back rail may interfere with the user's buttocks.

2. Seat Extender
Make sure the Seat Extension Strap is attached correctly according to it's assembly instructions. Slacken all tension adjustable Back Straps so the back cover can create a big fold. These
settings create additional rear space.

4. Rear Cross Brace
The Cross Brace stabilizes the back support. It can easily be folded with a snap lock.

5. Back Wedges, Plush
15 cm (6") or 30 cm (12") long wedges. Usually the short model is sufficient. Attach with the Velcro facing forward, towards the back cover. 

6. Side Cushions
Firm cushions with padding towards the user. The cover has a zipper to enable individual contouring with added foam. They are 29 cm (11½") high.

7. Straight Side Stops
The Side Cushions are supported by the Arm Supports and/or additional Straight Side Stops. They are easily mounted into the back rail and can be adjusted in height, angle and depth.