Adjust Etac Cross 5 for Leaning Posture

A leaning posture is often combined with an oblique pelvis. If the pelvis is oblique, use an adjustable seat cushion or add a large Cell Foam Wedge (1) under the cushion on the lower side. Carefully adjust the seat to back and lumbar angles to improve trunk balance. Create as much space as possible for the upper trunk with the Velcro straps and support at the level of PSIS. Adjust the arm support in height (2) so the user can support the trunk with the forearms. Lateral support can be provided with Plush Wedges (3), if necessary supported by Widening Side Stops (4), and/or Side Cushions (5) supported by Straight Side Stops (6).


1. Wedges model 3 (Large)
A wedge is an easy way to adapt a non adjustable seat cushion. Placed inside the cover on the cushion underside it will not affect the cushion`s density. Attach the wedge with the included self adhesive Velcro.

2. Arm Support
If there is a gap between the back rails and arm supports, choose the long arm supports. Place left on right side and vice versa, so the longer part of the arm plate is turned backwards. In this way the user will have a good support for the forearm, starting direct under the shoulders.  

3, 4. Back Wedges plush with Side Stops width extending
There are two wedge lengths to choose between, 15 cm (6") and 30 cm (12") long. Usually the short model is sufficient. Attach the wedges with the Velcro facing forward, towards the back cover. If needed, use Widening Side Stops. The function is to broaden the back by supporting the plush wedges further outwards. The side stops are adjustable in height, depth and angle. To mount, just slide them into the back rails and fasten the screws. If the user feels the edge of the back cover, chose one size wider that will fully cover the widened wedges.


5. Side Cushions
Firm cushions with padding towards the user. The cover has a zipper to enable individual contouring with added foam. They are 29 cm (11½") high.

6. Side Stops, straight
The side cushions are supported by the arm supports and/or additional Straight Side Stops. They are easily mounted into the back rail and can be adjusted in height, angle and depth.