Adjust Etac Cross 5 for a Large Upper Body

A large trunk often requires a longer seat depth. Check that the seat is equipped with a Seat Extender (1), adjust the seat to back angle posteriorly. Loosen all Velcro Straps and place the cover with plenty of room at rear, so the seat cushion can be placed as far back as possible. This allows more space for the buttocks. Adjust the lumbar angle forward and aim for Trunk Extension (2). Make sure the user is still leaning towards the back support. Add a Cross Brace (3) if it is not already included. If needed, attach Widening Side Stops (4) and Plush Wedges (5) to broaden the upper part of the back support.


1. Seat Extender
Make sure the seat extension strap is attached correctly according to it's assembly instructions. Slacken all tension adjustable back straps so the back cover can create a big fold. These settings create additional rear space.

2. Back Support Adjustment
Make sure there is sufficient room for the buttocks, keep the lower tension adjustable back strap slackened and start by tightening the back straps in the level of PSIS. With the seat to back angle posteriorly adjusted, the back support will be slightly lower. For a tall person, choose the high back. 

3. Rear Cross Brace
For the XL Cross 5 sizes, a Cross Brace is standard. It is also available as an accessory for all seat sizes. The Cross Brace can easily be folded with a snap lock.

4. Side Stops, Width Extending
The Side Stops broaden the back by supporting the Plush Wedges further outwards. This is the wide model. There is also a Side Stop with half the width. They are adjustable in height, depth and angle. To mount, just slide them into the back rails and fasten the screws.

5. Back Wedges, Plush
There are two lengths to choose between, 15 cm (6") and 30 cm (12") long. Usually the short model is sufficient. Attach the wedges with the Velcro facing forward, towards the back cover. If the user feels the edge of the back cover, choose a wider size that will fully cover the widened wedges.