Adjust Etac Cross 5 for Kyphosis

To accommodate for a kyphosis, the upper Velcro straps shall provide sufficient space, preventing the user from being pushed forward. Be sure to harmonize the seat to back angle with the pelvic position and tighten the strap in level with PSIS. Adjust the lumbar angle to obtain the best possible balanced head and trunk position. To add lateral support, use the Plush Wedges (1). Also the small Cell Foam Wedges (2) provide stability. They can be placed below the Plush Wedges (1). For further lateral stability, use the Side Cushions (3), supported by Straight Side Stops (4). Check the user´s propulsion abilities. Smaller rear wheels can facilitate the arm movements.


1. Back Wedges, Plush
There are two wedge lengths to choose between, 15 cm (6") and 30 cm (12") long. Usually the short model is sufficient. Attach the wedges with the Velcro facing forward, towards the back cover.


2. Foam Wedges, Cell Foam
Slightly wider but lower than the plush wedges. Self adhesive Velcro is included as standard. Attach the wedges under the back cover, with the Velcro facing forward.

3. Side Cushions
Firm cushions with padding towards the user. The cover has a zipper to enable individual contouring with added foam. They are 29 cm (11½") high and can be rotated for slimmer upper support.

4. Side Stops, Straight
The side cushions are supported by the arm supports and/or additional Straight Side Stops. They are easily mounted into the back rail and can be adjusted in height, angle and depth.