Adjust Etac Cross 5 for Broad Shoulders

The general advice is to choose a seat width according to the hip width and adjust the back support for the broad chest. To broaden the upper back support, attach the Widening Side Stops (1) and place the Plush Wedges (2) as far out as possible. If necessary, attach two pairs of Side Stops, with the widest pair on top and use the long Plush Wedges (2) or attach Cell Foam Wedges (3) under the short Wedges.



1. Side Stops, Width Extending
The Side Stops broaden the back by supporting the plush wedges further outwards. There are two sizes available. The Side Stops are adjustable in height, depth and angle. To mount, just slide them into the back rails and fasten the screws.

2. Back Wedges, Plush
There are two lengths to choose between, 15 cm (6") and 30 cm (12") long. Usually the short model is sufficient. Attach the Wedges with the Velcro facing forward, towards the back cover. If the user feels the edge of the back cover, chose one size wider that will fully cover the widened wedges.


Back Wedge Plush, short

3. Wedges, Cell Foam
These Wedges are slightly wider but lower than the Plush Wedges. Placed below the plush wedges they are an excellent complement providing support in the waist area. They attach to the back cover with included self adhesive Velcro.