Adjust Etac Prio for Broad Hips

Broader hips than trunk is common especially among women.

Seat Width: If the seat feels just a little too narrow, add a Widening Kit (1). It broadens the width between the arm support with 2,5 cm (3/4”). The back support width remains unmodified, and will not be in conflict with arm movements.
Back Support: If a wider seat width is chosen, the back support needs to be carefully assessed. Evaluate the back height and the adjustable back straps tension carefully (2), to provide the user with as good arm mobility as possible. If needed, support the user´s back with Plush Wedges and or Cell Foam Wedges (3).
Arm Support: Choose the model with Narrow Arm Plates (4) for users who can propel the chair.

Tilt and Recline Positions: Always make sure to assess both the active and resting positions. Secure the positions with Gas Piston Clips (5), Comfort Tilt Lock (6) and Back Angle Control (7). Anti-tippers: Always check the adjustment.


1. Widening Kit, Arm Support Attachment
Spacers are mounted between the frame and arm support attachment which make the seat 2 cm (3/4") wider.

2. Back Support Adjustments
Adjust the lower tension adjustable back strap loose to create space for the buttocks.

3. Wedges, Cell Foam
The back support can be further contoured with cell foam wedges. They attach under the back cover with self adhesive Velcro, included with the wedges.

4. Arm Support, narrow
The arm plate is only 5 cm (2") wide which facilitates to reach the handrim. The narrow model can also be set as low as 23 cm (9").

5. Gas Piston Clips
Each clip reduces the angling with approximately 2°. Can be used for both tilt and recline gas pistons. Easy to attach, easy to remove.

6. Comfort Tilt Lock
Stops the tilt position at a preset angle. Choose between: 0°, 4°, 8° or 12° seat tilt. The position can be changed by moving the locking device on the gas piston.

7. Back Angle Control
By adjusting the length of the strap, the active back support setting can be controlled. The back will always stop at the preset angle. Note: The Back Angle Control will be available during 2019.