Adjust Etac Cross 5 to Broad Hips

To optimize the seat width and the back support it can be an idea to take a smaller sized wheelchair and adding a Widening Kit. If possible test different seat widths. 

The upper part of the back support can be "slimmed down" by placing Plush Wedges (1) under the cover. Depending on the back height you may choose short or long wedges. To place small Cell Foam Wedges (2) below the plush wedges is an excellent complement providing support in the waist area.
A Widening Kit (3) will broaden the distance between the arm supports to allow more hip space. If more rear space is required for the buttocks, more space can be created with the back support settings (4) and adding a Seat Extender (5). Turning the arm support so the plates come closer to the body (6) can provide better support and also facilitate to reach the handrims.


1. Back Wedges, Plush
There are two lengths to choose between, 15 cm (6") and 30 cm (12") long. Usually the short model is sufficient. Attach the wedges with the Velcro facing forward, towards the back cover.


2. Wedges, Cell Foam
These Wedges are slightly wider but lower than the plush wedges. They attach to the back cover with included self adhesive Velcro.


3. Seat Widening Kit
To choose a Widening Kit instead of a larger seat width is the perfect solution when the seat is slightly too narrow since it only broadens the seat width approximately 1.5 cm (½").

4. Additional Rear Space
Angle the seat to back angle posteriorly, slacken the lower tension adjustable back strap and place the cover with plenty of room at rear. Carefully adjust the lumbar angle to achieve an upright upper body. Add a Seat Extender.

5. Seat Extender
Make sure the Seat Extension Strap is attached correctly according to it's assembly instructions. Slacken all tension adjustable back straps so the back cover can create a big fold. These settings create additional rear space.

6. Arm Support
Turning the arm support can be an option, though it may create a conflict with the back support settings. Also make sure it doesn't imped transfer.