Adjust Etac Cross 5 for Asymmetry

With a proper support, pain can be reduced and the sitting tolerance improved. If the pelvis is oblique, use an adjustable seat cushion or attach a large Cell Foam Wedge (1) under the cushion on the user´s lower side. To accommodate for a pelvic rotation, the seat to back angle can be set diverse on left and right side (2). Also the left and right lumbar angle can be set diverse. To prevent further asymmetry, Trunk Supports (3) provide stability and can enable trunk extension. If necessary add Cell Foam Wedges (4) to ensure complete contact with the user´s back.


1. Wedges model 3 (Large)
A wedge is an easy way to adapt a non adjustable seat cushion. Placed inside the cover on the cushion underside it will not affect the cushion´s density. Attach the wedge with the included self adhesive Velcro.


2. Back Support Adjustment
If the left and right seat to back angle are diverse adjusted, test to counteract trunk rotation and/or lateral trunk flexion by angling one upper back rail more forward. 

Trunk support, swing-away

3. Trunk Support
There are two models; swing-away or adjustable. They are both adjustable in height, depth and width. The pads are firm and slightly curved with a soft end. They can be dismantled if individual shaped pads are needed.

Trunk Support, adjustable

4. Cell Foam Wedges
The Cell Foam Wedges are slightly wider but lower than the plush wedges. The small or medium sized wedges can be used to create stability and improve the contact area towards a scolitic back. Self adhesive Velcro straps are included as standard. Attach the wedges under the back cover, with the Velcro facing forward.