Types of Star Cushions

Star vertical air cell cushions are an excellent choice for the prevention and care of pressure ulcers and also for reaching individual positioning goals for everybody. They are available in three different models to suit every user’s needs; Standard Air, StabilAir and StarLock.

Star Standard Air

Standard Air is a simple single-air chamber cushion. Air is held throughout the cushion, which moves with the user, enabling continuous pressure redistribution.

The Standard Air cushion is designed for individuals at high risk of pressure injuries but with no other postural or stability needs.

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Star StabilAir

StabilAir operates similarly to the Standard Air cushion, with an additional matrix of soft foam cylinders within the air cells. The user is supported by air, while the foam slows down air movement in the cushion as the user moves, increasing stability while allowing some air movement for continuous pressure redistribution.

This is the ideal solution for users who are used to the feel of a foam cushion but need the protection of a vertical air cell cushion. Consider using StabilAir for individuals who prefer the feel.

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StarLock can work as a single air chamber cushion allowing individual setup for optimal pressure redistribution.

In addition, it is possible to lock air in each vertical air cell. The individual cell locking technology aids stability and allows individualised postural support. The StarLock cushion is suited for individuals who require air cell cushion but need maximum stability and/or postural support, e.g., pelvic obliquity, foot propulsion, or amputation.

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StarLock set up for foot propelling

StarLock set up for someone who foot propels, to aid their ability to reach the floor with their foot.

StarLock set up for Amputee

StarLock set up for an Amputee to provide stability and support the residual limb.
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Consider using StarLock

Consider using StarLock for individuals with offloading or additional postural needs.
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Consider using StabilAir

Consider using StabilAir for individuals who prefer the feel of a foam cushion but need additional skin protection. Or individuals who require additional stability.