Unsung heroes of homecare

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The demand for homecare heroes

With the elderly population growing and hospital costs rising, there is a greater demand for innovative healthcare delivery and caregivers—the unsung heroes of the care system.

This demand is worsened by a global shortage of healthcare workers, which poses safety risks for home healthcare workers in confined spaces. As a result, obtaining proper care at home is increasingly challenging and expensive.


Ensuring quality home care for our aging society

The way home care is currently provided puts the elderly and individuals with disabilities at risk. They receive inadequate care that doesn't meet their needs. This not only affects their quality of life but also impacts their families and society as a whole. It's a serious issue that needs attention.
Caregivers face various challenges, from physical injuries to emotional stress, which leads to increased absenteeism and turnover. If we don't address this, individuals may have to move out of their homes and into long-term care facilities for safety. Although these facilities offer better conditions, they may not provide the personalized comfort that many people desire. It's a complex challenge that we need to tackle.

Paving the way for dignity and independence

Limited space in bathroom caregiving presents challenges, often forcing aid choices based on constraints rather than individual needs, resulting in compromises. Caregivers face physically demanding tasks, spending significant time in poor postures, risking injuries.

Envision a scenario where the elderly and individuals with disabilities enjoy home life gracefully, and caregivers provide exceptional service, reducing turnover and absenteeism. This quadruple-win benefits users, families, caregivers, and employers, resulting in healthcare focused on quality, dignity, and compassion. The path involves prioritizing user-centric solutions and caregiver well-being.


How ergonomic design empowers caregivers and users

Introducing Alto, our purpose-built, powered, mobile shower commode addressing caregivers' primary need for great access without awkward positions. Combining height adjustability, tilt functionality, and a compact design, Alto ensures convenience and comfort for both caregivers and users. Crafted for small spaces, it grants 360-degree access, enhancing safety, simplifying care, and eliminating costly renovations. Caregivers benefit from reduced stress and injury risk, translating into better, more dignified care.


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