Patient handling

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Hoists and slings – selection and safe use

This workshop looks at different types of hoists and slings and explores what to use when. This workshop includes selecting the correct sling bar and measuring for a sling.


Moving and handling solutions

The objective for safe manual handling is to reduce injuries for care staff whenever possible and to make transfer solutions safe and comfortable for the user. Also, to save time in terms of work and provide better communication between the care recipient and care staff. This practical workshop looks at cost effective, safe and comfortable manual handling solutions which are easy to use for both the carer and the recipient. It is aimed at those dealing with moving and handling issues in a community or acute setting.


Overhead hoisting problem solving workshops

These workshops are aimed at those involved in specifying or procuring Overhead Hoists, whatever the setting. They will give you the opportunity to learn and work through several practical problems and give you information and practical skills to help you find the most effective and efficient hoisting solution.


Sit to stand solutions

The aim of this workshop is to assist the carer and/or healthcare professional to choose the appropriate equipment to give the right level of support for the client in sit to stand transfers. It looks at safe and comfortable solutions that are easy to use for both recipient and care staff and provides training in safe use of equipment.


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