Architectural planning and support

Elevating healthcare standards

A system that enables quick and seamless patient transfers contributes to efficiency in care work. Integrated ceiling track systems maximise floor space and optimise the workspace for hospital staff. Etac has several years of experience in project consulting. We provide professional advice concerning the planning and installing ceiling rails for renovations and new buildings of nursing homes, hospitals and institutions. We offer guidance on building engineering issues related to the preparatory work required to install ceiling track systems. Molift-authorized technicians handle the installation and ensure functionality and safety.


Our support in planning and projecting

  • Design and calculation assistance, both at the sketch level and final design
  • Detailed design, for example:
    • Door penetrations – where doors are to be raised in relation to the selected rail system
    • For systems that are pulled over the wall - the final height on the wall according to the chosen rail system
    • Clarification of lamps, detectors, etc., according to selected rail solutions/systems
    • Preparation of descriptions
  • Participation in start-up and planning meetings
  • Participation in coordination meetings with other contractors
  • Ongoing on-site inspections
  • Drawings in Autocad/Revit
  • Planning guide with information/instructions for use during planning/start-up