Meet Marie

Role: Planner, Production



What do you do at work? What is an ordinary working day like? 

We're probably the department that works with pretty much everyone. The main activities are planning the production and providing delivery information. We act as the point of contact for sales companies, and we're responsible for all basic product data and inventorising. I'm also involved in a lot of product projects, which is fun.


What is Etac really good at? 

Listening and developing products that are aligned to the customers' actual needs. Ensuring that the products help customers in their everyday lives.


What are the challenges? 

We're problem-solvers! My challenge is to succeed every day and ensure that everything flows. It means I need to be flexible and to think proactively.


What does Etac offer as an employer? 

A good working environment and working with interesting products. Great colleagues. The atmosphere is positive, everyone helps out and you really feel that you're part of a team.


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