Meet Carlos

Customer Service Sweden


What is an ordinary working day like?

I work in Customer Service Sweden. I record orders from our customers and answer telephone calls about products and deliveries. I predominantly talk to buyers, but also technicians, occupational therapists and prescribers. The great thing is that the questions aren't the same every day, but there's always something new.


What is Etac good at as a company?

We're always moving forward and finding solutions. Not moving backwards. We also provide good service. I feel that I'm visible, that I have a voice. I can approach a colleague, manager or someone further up with a question and I'll always get an answer. That makes me feel that everyone is equally important, and this is something I think Etac is good at.


Describe a project that has been rewarding/challenging/fun.

During the Leva & Fungera exhibition in Gothenburg, we had our own 'Meet Customer Service' stand. This gave us the opportunity to meet some of the customers we talk to over the phone and via e-mail. It was very rewarding and fun for us, and it was also appreciated by our customers. It's us they're talking to, after all. The results were great, and I'd love to do it again.


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