Extra configurations options

for R82 Kudu

4 April 2024

Fitting a strap back on the Kudu wheelchair is becoming such a popular add-on that we are now making it available as a standard option from the factory.

On Kudu sizes 2, 3 and 4 the long profiles with the corresponding back cover and tension adjustable straps can be chosen by making the 5th digit in the article number a “9”.

Remember to choose the relevant seat cushion as an accessory as these strap back versions are supplied without seat cushion.

On going over the updated configuration key you will also notice other additional options:

The 6th digit allows you to get either the standard or the angle adjustable arm rests included.
The 9th digit can be made to include transportation fittings mounted from the factory and
the 10th digit can be made to include mud guards fitted here saving you the work.

For all of the above choices you need not order e.g. the arm rests or the transportation fittings as accessories when you have chosen the option of having them included in your Kudu.


R82 Kudu

The Kudu is a practical indoor and outdoor wheelchair which combines form and functionality to provide the right fit and support a comfortable posture.

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