Schwalbe, high pressure rear wheel tyres

Don´t change wheelchair - change tyres and balance position

Schwalbe is a high pressure tyre, and the difference between a solid tyre and a high pressure tyre is huge. With a high pressure tyre the wheelchair feels lighter to push and propel. When you change from solid to high pressure tyres, it feels like a different wheelchair. Schwalbe is now available for both Cross, Crissy and Prio models.

6 September 2021

We have many times seen users struggling to propel outdoors. The effort becomes too great, and they start to look into alternatives such as a lighter wheelchair or power assist wheels, or even powered wheelchair. This is not always the right choice.

A powered wheelchair will take away the benefits and the independence that they have with a manual wheelchair. And a lighter wheelchair can never compensate for a poor balance of the chair. The rear wheels must be in a position where they bear the weight of the user, to facilitate propulsion. A more clever solution would be to change the rear wheel tyres.

Once the solid tyres are replaced with high pressure tyres, the wheelchair immediately feels lighter to push and to propel. For a more active user a solid tyre should never be selected, it is too limiting and tiring when propelling both outdoors and indoors.

This is an easy quick fix to make, and at the same time to review the rear wheel position.

So don´t change wheelchair, change tyres and balance position.


Schwalbe, high pressure rear wheels

Schwalbe Rightrun and Schwalbe Marathon Plus high pressure tires.
Only available as a 24” rear wheel.

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