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Bar for R82 Heron swing-away side supports

Now available in a curved version

22 September 2020

The choice of stainless bars available for the swing-away side supports for Heron is now complemented with a curved version.

The bar is 160 mm long and has a 25 mm bend. It can be combined with the existing three grey PU pads and can be made to fit the Heron with or without the seat depth reduction kit fitted.

Also, the bar is available as a loose item allowing for local rebuild should you have a unit already in use where the positioning of the side supports could benefit from this new option.

This new option will be built into the side supports configuration key – keep an eye out for it in the next update of your price list.

Article numbers:

  • 83018-162
  • 83018-262
  • 83018-362

R82 Heron

The Heron is a state of the art toilet and bathing seat.

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