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Molift Raiser Pro - a win-win transfer

Molift Raiser Pro reduces the risk of injury to both user and carer through a proactive and preventative ergonomic design. Transfer actively and safely, with ease.

16 January 2019

At Etac we always strive to create improved possibilities for our users. Our newest transfer platform sets a primary focus on the importance of the patient’s own activity in the transfer, and how it can contribute to earlier improvement.

We can now proudly introduce a product designed to create a win-win transfer: Molift Raiser Pro!

Molift Raiser Pro is configured for a comfortable, secure and stable standing movement with accessible features for both patient and caregiver. It offers a simple, natural transfer with a proactive and preventative ergonomic design that takes advantage of the user’s natural movement. At the same time, it gives just as much attention to reducing the risk of injury of the caregiver - a win-win transfer for both patient and caregiver.

Easy activation for early improvement

Molift Raiser Pro will create possibilities for a win-win transfer. With its hygienic designed closed cells, it is easy to maintain in the acute care environment as well as in homes. A width of only 54 cm makes it easy to move between rooms.

Easy activation - for early improvement

  • Versatile handle with accessible attachment points and a soft surface. Together with a stable base plate, it offers the patient a reliable and comfortable standing.
  • The base plate has a step height of only 35 mm and an anti-slip surface with markings to facilitate positioning of the feet.

Natural movement - preventive caregiving

  • The soft and split knee pad follows each leg’s motion throughout the transfer.
  • The one-grip easy adjustment of the knee pads and a safe one-foot brake on the base plate reduce the risk of injuries to the carer.

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Molift Raiser Pro

The ergonomic platform for a safe and active sit-to-stand transfer.

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