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Etac My-Loo - a new generation of toilet aids that create possibilities!

With this exciting new product generation, we take toilet aids to a new level.

2 March 2018

Etac My-Loo raised toilet seat, with brackets is the first of a whole new generation of smart products from Etac. By setting the highest requirements on everything from security, comfort and flexibility to ease of installation and cleaning, we can now present products that offer entirely new and superior solutions.

With this exciting new product generation, we take toilet aids to a new level. 'Design drives development' has always been our guiding principle, and we are convinced that Etac My-Loo will help users and prescribers to create new possibilities.

The video will tell you more!

Experience the benefits

Together with experienced industrial designers, we have developed the new raised toilet seat with brackets – Etac My-Loo. A product that gives concepts such as hygienic, safe and appealing a new meaning. With its gently sweeping lines and excellent ergonomics, it offers extra-comfort and a design ideally suited to the modern bathroom.


Designed for function and comfort

Etac My-Loo has been developed to blend into the bathroom environment and has a design that gives optimal comfort and accessibility. The gentle lines and the large opening make My-Loo suitable for most users. The seat is offered in two heights, with or without a lid.

Easy to keep clean and fresh

My-Loo raised toilet seat, with brackets, consists of a small number of parts made of durable materials.The clean, smooth surfaces are easy to wipe off with a soft cloth. Should separate cleaning be required, the seat is easy to remove and equally simple to put back in place.

Safe, quick installation

Etac My-Loo takes only a few seconds to fit! You fix it in place using two specially designed brackets which are easily adapted to different toilet shapes. The extra-large friction surfaces and flexible material of the brackets provide a firm attachment to the porcelain. Put the raised toilet seat on the toilet and push the brackets into place. Click, and the installation is finished!

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Raised Toilet Seat, with brackets


Insight 1: Hygiene

We know that:

  • the space around the toilet is often restricted, and for most people it is difficult to reach and clean;
  • users with restricted mobility may also have reduced immunity, which puts increased demands on cleanliness around the toilet;
  • it can be difficult for users with restricted mobility to remove the seat easily for more thorough cleaning.

This is something we gave extra thought to in developing My-Loo raised toilet seat, with brackets. Design and choice of material were our guiding principles during the development process, and we chose to work in durable plastic, with perfectly smooth surfaces and gentle lines to make My-Loo easy to keep clean. The seat is easy to clean in place on the toilet, or can easily be taken off for separate cleaning and then put back again.

Insight 2: Installation

We know how:

  • important the installation is in ensuring that the product is firmly in place and does not present any risk for the user;
  • decisive simple assembly and a good fit are, for both the installer and the user, to feel secure with the product.

For My-Loo to safely be installed by anyone, the assembly has been made so simple that there is no possibility of making mistakes. We have put the product through fitting and installation tests so that it can be used on various types of toilet porcelain. The installation takes only a few seconds, as the raised toilet seat consists of just three parts: two brackets and a seat.

Insight 3: Design

We know that:

  • the importance of good aesthetics has not always had top priority in the development of toilet aids;
  • toilet aids have not always kept pace in terms of design to blend in with the modern bathroom;
  • the lack of well-designed products can lead to a detracted user experience and an unwillingness to use the product.

Therefore, we worked with skilled industrial designers, and in collaboration with them we created a raised toilet seat that blends in with any modern bathroom. My-Loo with brackets has been designed with gentle, appealing lines and manufactured in solid materials.

Insight 4: Use

We know that:

  • good seating comfort on the toilet seat means that you can relax – and if you relax you feel secure;
  • good accessibility is significant for feeling clean and fresh after finishing your visit to the toilet;
  • good accessibility increases the possibility for the user to, on one's own, finish the toilet visit.

Security and practical use have been some of our starting points when we developed My-Loo with brackets. We therefore gave the raised toilet seat a shape that is accessible and comfortable for most people. Based on impressions from many user tests, we gave the product gentle recesses at the front and back, and a suitably large opening for easy accessibility. The result is a seat that not only looks good but also is extremely functional.

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Raised Toilet Seat, with brackets

The development of a new generation of toilet aids

Etac's new series of toilet aids is one of our biggest initiatives ever, and My-Loo with brackets, is the first product to reach the market. Over the years, we have gathered views and conducted interviews with many people who handle and use raised toilet seats, and have understood the challenges they face. To make their daily lives easier is our goal!

The most important starting point for the project was function. The product should function well for everyone who handles and uses it. We have ensured this through continuous reconciliations.

We also set the bar high when it comes to the aesthetic design of the products. They should be pure and stylish and blend in with the modern bathroom! To meet these challenges, we enlisted the help of skilled industrial designers to develop a concept which is a wonderful combination of design and function. Now we present the first models in the series: My-Loo with brackets.

We have done it before and we do it again – Etac creates possibilities!