With a focus on providing products with the minimum impact on the environment and health, Etac selects materials which do not contain harmful levels of toxic substances. We are also working towards minimising energy usage in all our operations.

It is important for Etac to reduce its environmental impact and supply safe products to its customers.

Harmful and Toxic substances

Etac works to eliminate harmful and toxic substances in products and in work processes. We expect all suppliers to follow RoHS and REACH and relevant laws and requirements. To ensure that Etac producs meet the requirements, suppliers sign self-declarations and material data sheets are controlled upon request.

We also conduct regular follow-up work on traces of chemicals in our products. Our goal is for all textiles in the products to be Oeko-tex certified. In this work we have come a long way, but some work remains. All products where skin is in direct contact to textile materials are regularly tested on biocompatibility.

Emissions to air

We believe it is vital for every company to work on reducing its carbon emissions. We have during 2018 reduced the environmental impact of transports by moving some sourcing from Asia to Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. We see this work to continue during 2019.