The aim of Etac’s sustainability work is to increase value for customers, stakeholders and society, while also reducing the impact on the environment.

  • Etac is committed to establishing, promoting, maintaining and improving a culture of sustainability and environmental responsibility with employees, our supply chain and stakeholders.
  • Etac is committed to providing timely management reviews of sustainable business operating procedures and practices. We commit to track, measure and report on our performance of the implementation of sustainability practices with a commitment of continual improvement in these areas.
  • Etac is committed to providing the most suitable, sustainable and safe products possible for our clients based on their needs.
  • Etac also ensure that our practices and procedures are in compliance with all environmental-, health- and safety regulations where we conduct our business.


Code of conduct & ethics

A focus on business ethics and good governance is important... 

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Environment & Health

With a focus on providing products with the minimum impact on the environment and...

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Social employer responsibility

With a focus on social employer responsibility Etac actively strives to continually improve...

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Good examples

We would like to highlight some current sustainable initiatives from Etac, where our products can contribute to a circular economy.

» Extended lifecycle from durable design

» Circularity from UK Reissue Scheme


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» 2018 sustainability report

» 2017 sustainability report